Ely Minnesota is the essence of Winter

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Ely Minnesota is the essence of Winter

What is Winter? It's more then just cold snowy days, it's hot chocolate with friends after a dog sledding trip and enjoying the holiday season shopping with family. It's taking time off to enjoy a quite day of ice fishing and trying a weekend vacation of winter camping with the kids. It's discovering new ways to enjoy winter and taking time to relax and enjoy the season.



Dog Sled Trips

Ely Minnesota holds a special place in all of our hearts and is in a way the essence of winter. It provides a variety of activities and experiences that sum up what winter is. If you haven't tried Winter camping before, try it for a weekend with friends; if you've never gone Dog Sledding, come see the WolfTrack Classic to get a feel for taking a Dog Sled Trip. You can start small or you can experience the whole gamut by dog sledding in the BWCA and camping with the huskies.


Often people love to take the snowmobile trails up to Ely and enjoy a weekend in the city by staying at a local lodge, we have a variety of lodges that cater to snowmobilers and provide easy access in and out of the hotel grounds. Snowmobiling can be a great winter activity, taking a ride with friends and seeing the outdoors and wilderness in the winter while sledding through the well groomed trails is a thrilling experience and one that should be enjoyed with others. Whether you have your own snowmobile and drive up on a sled from Duluth of the Twin Cities, or if you need to rent one for taking out for a spin while up north, Ely can meet the need and help make a lasting memory of the trip.

Ice Fishing

Have you tried ice fishing? Winter Ice fishing in the Boundary Waters can be an exciting activity. Trekking through the snow with snowshoes and all your gear to the perfect fishing hole out on the lake is a good way to exercise! Cutting your holes and setting up your poles with friends is a great experience and chatting by the fire while you warm back up is great for getting to relax. Being out in the BWCA with no one else around but close friends and the local wildlife is extremly peaceful and a great way to get away from it all. And once you do catch that fish, whether a large northern pike or a good eating walleye, the thrill of pulling it out of the ice, makes the entire trip worth it. Give Winter Ice Fishing a try the next time you're in Ely MN and see what everyone is talking about.

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